Debit Orders

All the debit order types in BFI Pay are automatic recurring i.e. they will run on the same day as each month until expiry (optional) or Mandate has been cancelled, edited & not accepted.

Monthly Debit orders

Fixed Amount.
This type of debit order is for your typical subscription client where the Debit Order will run on the same date every month for a fixed amount.

Should you want to make changes (like the amount) to this Debit Order the client will have to re-sign the Mandate.


The Payments feature of BFI Pay is intended for Bulk Payments either integrated with Xero Accounting or via upload of CSV files for custom batches or salary payments.

Once a payment instruction is approved (multi-level approval available) in the payments tab.

The admin should pay the Total Batch Amount to the supplied BFI Pay banking details after confirmation.

debit orders and naedo

Payment Types

In BFI Pay, payments can either be integrated with a Xero Organisation or a CSV file can be uploaded for non-integrated, custom payments.


Awaiting Payments Tab
Xero Integration

When connected to a Xero Organisation, this tab will mirror/reflect the Bills to Pay, Awaiting Payments tab from within Xero. From here you will be able to tick & pay multiple bills from different Suppliers given that the Suppliers Banking details have been updated in BFI Pay.

Once the funds are received in BFI Pay, BFI Pay will reconcile all the invoices in the connected Xero.

CSV Upload
Custom Payments

This allows for non-integration & custom batches of suppliers & payroll payments to be paid by BFI Pay.


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